Allo is messaging app by Google. Allo is supposed to make conversations easier by suggesting answers, information and even smileys. Allo uses Google Assistant to suggest you relevant information like going to a cinema, going to some place for a vacation.

Smart Reply

Smart reply learns over time and gives you relevant suggestions.


The ink feature lets you play with the photos by simply doodling on them.

Whisper Shout

Whisper shout is the way to express your feelings in a more interesting way. You can simply swipe on the written text to increase its size to emphasize it more.

You can get registered for Allo on Google Playstore by clicking on this link and it’ll automatically download as soon as it’s available.

Click here to register.

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Duo is a one-to-one video calling app by Google with some exciting features. Google has been bragging about Duo for a simple interface and it seems they made this application to catch up with Facetime (widely used by iPhone users).

Knock Knock

Knock Knock is the feature of Duo where you can see the caller before answering the call.

Google has announced that Duo will be available on both iOS and Android making it a cross platform application.

Register for Duo on Google Playstore by clicking here.

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Google Home

Google Home is voice-activated home assistant, which lets you ask for some information, stream music. It also let’s you set your schedule and make a reminder for each of them.

Google Home is said to take on Amazon Echo which has almost the same features. However, Google Home needs its features to increase to keep up Amazon Echo.

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Android Wear 2.0

Android Wear is Google’s Smartwatch based OS, which contains different dial faces, fitness apps and more. The Android Wear 2.0 announcement has brought some new things to discuss. The major changes in Android Wear 2.0 are discussed below.

Android Faces

A new variety of android faces have been included and you’ll get a variety of faces to choose from.


Messaging has been improved and Google Assistant will play it’s role by giving you reply suggestions.

Fitness Tracking

Fitness is said to be improved and the Google Fit Framework will allow applications to collect data to generate relevant information.

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Android N


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Daydream VR

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Project Ara


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