Having an energetic and productive morning is the most important part of the day. A healthy morning routine will help you remain fresh and creative for the whole day. People nowadays start their day by rushing for a shower and then straight to the office without even having breakfast. This routine makes them extremely weary and fall short of the stamina and creativity required to spend the rest of the day. People like this spend their whole day in a dull mode and fail to find proper interest in their tasks. They also try to skip as many tasks as possible so that they can simply get out of their office and get to home and relax.

The habits written down here have proven to change the lives of people. These habits increase your productivity and you’ll stay fresh for the whole day and have far more stamina than before.

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1. Always Wake Up Early

This is one of the most important habit. Waking up early increases your motivation and you will find a lot of time to do tasks that you wished to do everyday, but couldn’t do because you woke up only 20 minutes before your office or college time. You can have your breakfast easily without having to worry about the time.

2. Do Your Most Important Task

This is true. You should do your most important task in the morning. Spare morning time for your most important or difficult task. This is the time of the day, when you can do your work more efficiently.

3. Drink Sufficient Water

Drinking water in the morning is very essential for the human body. Water boosts your metabolism twice as normal in the morning. Water also flushes the toxins in your body cleaned by the kidneys. Your body needs to rehydrate after 7 hours of sleeping and water does it for you.

4. Write A To-Do List

This is the habit which can help you set a direction for the rest of your day. Write a to-do list in the morning to take control of your activities for the rest of the day. While writing a to-do list, your brain automatically designs activities to complete the tasks that you have written down.

Writing a to-do list in a notebook or diary is most recommended. However, you can also try apps like Google Calendar, Google Keep and Any.Do.

5. Have A Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You should have a very healthy breakfast and your body will thank you later. A healthy breakfast helps you focus on the activities for the rest of the day. If you have been fighting with fatigue or tiredness in the mid of the day, then a healthy breakfast is the solution for you.