The desire in this digital age is to multitask. Initially, it seems like a harmless action, but the truth is that this vice is detrimental towards productivity. Allowing your mind to become distracted by frivolous information is steering away from the destination you should be pursuing. The best philosophy you can execute begins with concentration.

Fulfilling Duties Are Essential – Concentrating your full, undivided attention on one set action is what creates the best state for productivity, you then must focus all of the energy you can possibly muster on making sure you don’t stop until what was instantiated inside of your mind is complete. Quitting or giving up when you’re tired is the exact antithesis of productivity–leave your emotional and physical state out of the equation–all you’re asking for is trouble. Now it’s time to begin building up what you have devoted all of your concentration and focus towards. The simplistic philosophy of concentration, focusing, and building will warrant the best use of your time. There’s no reason for settling on what you think you’re capable of competing in specific amount of time; acquire the ambition to push beyond the limits you set for yourself.

Life Won’t Progress Without Challenges – Actively seeking challenges is not only what makes life interesting, but it propels you significantly further, which administers optimal productivity. Put your phone on airplane mode so you aren’t able to receive any notifications, log out of all social media outlets, turn off the music, and start getting busy. Straying away from technology impingement’s is a challenge in itself for particular individuals. There’s no need to reward yourself until the hard work has been conquered.

Building a reputable brand, establishing long-term relationships, whether personal or business; they all require focus. If you aren’t communicating effectively, because you’re distracted from an external or underlying issue, then you aren’t listening and living up to your full potential. The windows for communication must be open, and need to be a two-way street.

It’s these basic principles that separate the failures from the successes, and the intelligent from the stupid. The questions that you should be addressing, and asking yourself everyday are: Am I challenging myself to reach new heights today? Are there new things I’ve learned that can be implemented into my life for a more productive day?

Distractions are an easy schism to build up a large capacity for, the only way to eliminate distractions are engaged in activities to proactively feed your focus.