Goals are something every human should strive for, whether it’s in business, fitness, relationships, or a drastic change in lifestyle. Having the idea is only half the battle, you must execute what your mindset manifests. If you are lacking the tenacity and fervor to follow through with the dreams you have, it’s hindering the creative process.

Telling yourself what you must accomplish each day is the only suitable way to dominate the hours you’re living through. Either time constraints bear a deep burden on your day, or you make the executive decision to allow time to work for you.

Waking Up Early – If you’re awake for sixteen-to-eighteen hours of the day, if these hours occur during obscure times, this eviscerates productivity and motivation. Working all hours of the night is necessary and applicable at times when completing specific projects, but it cannot be sustained long-term.

Waking up in the morning, watching the sunrise, hearing the birds chirp, and having an understanding of what you will accomplish each day works wonders.

These precious hours in the morning bring solace and solitude–which in turn, help you tackle the priorities you set out for the day.

Late nights, early mornings isn’t a habit you should develop, the process has absolutely no correlation towards longevity and sustainability. Aim for a two hour window at night when you should start trying to fall asleep; this ensures accountability and a well-rested body.

Plan Accordingly For The Day Ahead – If you’re going to sleep with no plans for the day ahead, you’re setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. Write down a list of goals with a pen or pencil, on a whiteboard with marker, or on your phone as a last resort.

There needs to be a visual representation of what must be accomplished for the day to come.

List your goals in a numbering scheme to prioritize what holds the most importance. Always tackle the hardest goal first thing in the morning. Motivation accelerates at a higher velocity during the morning, don’t waste time at the beginning of your day. If you start off in a productive, positive state, this facilitates for the rest of your day to follow this pattern.

Lock In On Your Dreams – Completing goals and dominating the day is what makes dreams become a reality. If you’re constantly texting, scouring through social media, watching videos, and seeking various forms of entertainment to occupy your time, then don’t expect a spectacular life.

Save the entertainment, relaxation, and chill time as a reward for accomplishing the goals you set out to complete.

Having a list of weekly goals, that are written down on Sunday, is a surefire way to experience a great week. This notion creates a foundation for your daily goals to be based around, ensuring optimal productivity. Putting your blinders on and crossing everything off the list each day, and finishing the end of the week strong is what goal setting will do for you.

Organization and structure is the only option for creating opportunities and advancing into new realms.