1.      Volunteer at welfare events

Welfare events are taking place everywhere. Charity run, food fiesta, play are just a few to name. Take part in these events to play your role in the welfare of others while increasing your network.

2.      Join a welfare organization or make one

Become a permanent volunteer of a welfare organization to regularly participate in their events. You and your friends can also make your own small non-profit organization and organize small events so that you can gradually work for your cause on a larger scale.

3.      Do small things that make you happy

Small things that create happiness are priceless. Don’t depend on gadgets or dresses to make you happy. Find happiness in your daily routine. Share a meal with someone, take a walk with your friends. When you start finding happiness in small things, you will live a more meaningful life.

4.      Happiness comes from helping others

Ever had the feeling when you gave a meal to a needy, volunteered in charities. It is the most satisfying feeling in life. This is the happiness money can’t buy. Always think about helping other people and increase your efforts day by day.

5.      Improve yourself

Instead of criticizing the society, do what you can to make it better. Present yourself as an example for others. Improve yourself day by day to become a better version of yourself. Prophet Muhammad said “A person’s true wealth is the good he does in this world.

6.      Donate

Donate to organizations that are working for the welfare of the people. Save the money you would spend to order a pizza and donate it for some welfare at the end of the month.

Did you know? Freerice.com lets you answer several questions from different subjects and for each correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated through the World Food Programme to end hunger.

7.      Criticize, condemn as less as possible

Criticizing is the easiest thing to do. Anyone can do it. It proves to be disastrous when it becomes a habit. Save yourself loads of time by avoiding criticism. Act if you think you can improve the situation. If things are not in control, you are wasting your time like many others. Criticize less and live more.

8.      Travel more

Travelling is the best thing you can do to disconnect from regular routine and visit new places, meet new people.

9.      Always thrive to learn more

Formal learning is never adequate. We can learn from our surroundings, people around us. Never miss a chance to learn something new. The whole universe is your mentor.

10. Don’t let your happiness be ruined by small distractions

Life becomes more meaningful when you ignore small distractions that come in your way of happiness. Try to be happy with what you have; family, friends and other countless blessings.

11. Appreciate and appreciate

Everyone likes to be appreciated. Appreciation is the most precious thing anyone needs because it gives a sense of self-importance. Money, luxury? Everything is useless if you are not appreciated. Learn to give people more and more honest appreciation. You will feel good about it and the other person even more.

12. Be a good listener

Do you know one common trait of all the great leaders? They were exceptional listeners. Everyone likes to tell his story and talk about his own achievements. Think of all the love and respect you can earn by listening to others. People are dying to talk about themselves.