When it comes to finding productive ways to kill time, unfortunately most people do it by sleeping around or scrolling Facebook or Twitter. While you have got a whole lot of time to kill, why not find ways to kill the time in some new ways? This means doing activities that are productive and can benefit you significantly. Lets have a look at the list of things you can do in your free time.

1. Read

Reading is undoubtedly a priceless activity. An activity that increases your knowledge and keeps you mentally healthy. Reading is known to reduce stress. Reading also helps in increasing analytical thinking skills.

Here is a list of books you must read: link

2. Go Out Somewhere

Break your normal routine and go to your favorite place or a place you have heard a lot of. Doing this increases your energy and refreshes you so you can deal with daily tasks more efficiently. Going out enlightens your mood and also increases your creativity.

3. Write

Most people don’t like writing and they are fair with their judgement. Writing requires concentration and specific mood to fall into, but once you get into it, you can write for hours without any coercion. Writing is a great mental exercise. It increases your productivity and decreases stress.

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4. Spend Time With Someone

Spending time with someone can create priceless memories. Ask a friend or a family member to accompany you for a walk or have a tea with them. The time you spend will feel not a minute wasted.

5. Watch A Documentary

Documentaries are a great source of knowledge. They increase your knowledge tremendously. You can watch documentaries on YouTube, Netflix and other video sites.

Documentary Heaven is a popular website where you can watch tons of documentaries for free.

6. Exercise

Exercise is an activity that can’t be ignored at any cost. The human bodies are meant to do physical activities to stay fit. Though our luxuries have made us do less physical activities, exercise is still the essential need of the human body and important to stay physically and mentally healthy.

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7. Learn A New Language

Ever wondered things you can benefit from by learning a new language? There are many. Learning a new language increases your memory in a great amount. Professionally, you can get preference at a job opening because of a new language learned. Your travelling also becomes fun and easier.

4 Benefits of Learning Languages.